Can't edit starting directory


I want to change the starting directory in the first column. I can’t delete it. What do i do?


Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re asking. Starting directory for what (e.g.: “Add Folder”, “Add Files”, starting directory for file saving)? Not sure what you mean by “in the first column”. Can you be more specific, or perhaps include a screen shot indicating your problem?


Do you mean this?


I bet that’s it, because you can’t edit it until you check the “Begin browsing in the following directory:” box (which is unchecked by default). I’m still not sure I understand the “first column” reference.


I was wondering that myself, but I realized that @tchellina probably has the file browser pane (top of the View menu) open. The option @AzoreanGigolo points out does seem like it affects that pane as well as the popup dialog, so hopefully we’re understanding you correctly and it solves your problem. Otherwise, please do clarify, and we’ll see what else we can pull up.


Of course! That makes sense. I never thought about that because I’ve never used that option (until just now to see what you meant). Truth is, I didn’t even know the option existed. :slight_smile: