Can't change Tag3 APE in Picard

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f5109f36568> #<Tag:0x00007f5109f364a0>

I have some tracks that have tags that will not change in Music Brainz Picard. PLease see this screenshot from kid3. Note that the Artist and Album information are different in Tag3 (APE) from Tag2.

And notice in the screenshot for the same track in Picard that only Tag2 shows. I have saved and resaved that track’s tag data trying to figure it out and I cannot figure it out. I’d rather not rely on kid3 or another editor like mp3tag. I’d like to do all this in Picard.

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Picard doesn’t write APE tags to MP3 files. In Options > Tags you can activate the option to remove APE tags from MP3 files, which I would actually recommend.

If you want to keep the APE tags for some reason (why?) you will need to edit them with Kid3 or Mp3Tag