Can't change my name

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If I go to my Preferences > Account, I can no longer change my (full) Name.
The Username (jesus2099), cannot be changed OK, it is normal, but I was able to set some funny Name (PATATE12 and symbols) that I can no longer edit.
The Name field, is not a field any more, just a static text.
:thinking: Strange.

@Freso: Is there some setting that blocks that? It doesn’t seem son, though.

@reosarevok: You who also have a Name set (your real name), are you allowed to edit it?

update: Oh, maybe it’s if sso_overrides_name is set to true in our Discourse, @Freso.
I don’t think we need that as there is no full name field in MBS, is there?
But we need to keep the other setting called sso_overrides_username ticked, for sure.

I think I’ve (un)set this option now and it should work.


Super, it worked!
Thank you.