Can't add files from samba share

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I’m running Ubuntu 17.10 with the Picard daily and when I try to add files my samba share isn’t available in the file selector. I can’t edit the path directly either. When I try to drag and drop the files into Picard from a file browser, nothing happens.

D: 15:34:39 Drop target = <Cluster ‘Unmatched Files’>
D: 15:34:39 Dropped the URL: ‘smb://mdhowe.local/home/Music/The B-52s’

I’m sure I’m probably missing a package somewhere, no clue what though. Anyone else having this problem in Ubuntu 17.10? Any suggestions?

You are running picard on linux and want to tag music from a samba share?
connect to the share in nautilus.
This mounts your samba share to ~/.gvfs/something where you can open the files from there.

Picard is QT based and the drag and drop of a url from nautilus may not work.
If you launch kde and mount the share in konqueror it might work as it has mapped the network share in it’s virtual file system layer.


You can mount a samba share as a mount point using mount.cifs if you want a more permanent solution.
If your remote server is linux I would recommend using NFS to mount the directory over samba as it is easy to set up.


The samba share is mounted in nautilus, it’s just not visible or accessible in any way through Picard, I don’t actually have kde installed (default ubuntu install).

Thanks for that, I forgot about NFS! I just setup samba to keep my stupid windows machine happy. NFS is now setup and I can access my files in Picard. Thanks for your help mate!