Can't add files from a mounted partition

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I’m using Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon. I’ve just installed two versions of Picard - 1.3.2 through PPA and 1.4.2 through Flatpak.

The Flatpak version will not let me navigate to /media/… where my music partition is, and I also can’t drag and drop files from Nemo into Picard.

1.3.2 PPA version works fine.

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way I can get the latest version to work, either by fixing my flatpak version or by installing 1.4.2 through PPA?

Thank you


I’m very interested by a PPA containing the version 1.4.2.
The official PPA is no longer updated :sob:

I tried to find alternative PPA without success for the moment.


To my untrained eye this looks like a Flatpak sandboxing thing.

If I understand correctly, the Flatpak manifest is only allowing picard access to /home (and sub-dirs).


It took some time, but it is updated now:


thank you for the note, would have missed it!