Cannot save to destination directory


just installed picard. music files are on a sinology volume. the user that’s running picard has read/write privledges on the test shared folder.

in testing with a couple albums, i’ve selected a different directory to write the tagged/updated folders containing individual music files. i get a red minus symbol in the right most pane for each file.

i have checked to see if i can write to the post processing folder - i can.

does the post processing folder for a particular album need to exist before i can save to it?




What OS? What version of Picard?


sorry -

mac 10.12.6
picard 1.4.2
synology DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8


Are you sure you are unable to save? Try selecting the Disc icon in the right pane, which contains the individual Track entries, then click on the Save button. Does that succeed?

Per the Picard documentation, Basics: Matching files & saving, a red rectangular icon to the left of a Track entry in the right pane indicates that there is a poor match between the characteristics of the music file assigned to that Track, and the metadata MusicBrainz has for that track. The icon for a failed write is a “red error triangle”.

On my copy of Picard 1.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.11, a Track entry with a poor match has not only a red rectangular icon, but also a red background for the track entry. See “Stairway to Heaven” below. But where there is a good match, there is a green rectangle icon. See “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” below.

Maybe post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


A red minus sign indicates an error on saving the files. Please have a look at Help > View Error/Debug Log to see details and post the output here.

Common errors are missing write permission on the files or destination or the readonly flag being set on the files.


Edit 3: Yep, it doesn’t like mp4’s. MP3’s work fine. My MP4’s must be some weird codec or something.

Edit 2: Oh damn, it may be because I’m trying to use mp4’s.

Edit: And now it’s saving like it should with nothing changing on my end as far as I know (other than I rebooted my router…).

I am having the possibly the same issue as well. When I hit save I get:

error:‘NoneType’ object does not support item assignment

Here is the entire log on pastebin:

This is in Win 10 64 bit.