Cannot save after Lookup CD

Maybe a very stupid question as I am new to MusicBrainz Picard but I want to save my CD collection in MusicBrainz Picard how does that work with a CD? I put the CD in the CD drive and then clicked look up CD then it found it and now it is in the programme but then I want to save it but I can’t? The icon remains grey. I’ve read the Quick Start guide but can’t figure out that I’ve done anything wrong.
Thanks in advance for any help.

You just looked up the data using the disc ID to find the correct release on MusicBrainz, but you haven’t loaded any audio files into Picard and hence there is nothing to save.

Load the ripped audio files into Picard and drag them onto the loaded release, then you can save them.


Thanks for the quick response.
Just one more question if I delete the mp3s from the hard disk will the data remain in Picard or should the files remain on the hard disk?

You can use Picard to add tags to your files and organize the files into an automatically generated folder structure. If you delete the files there is nothing to do.

Also Picard itself does not persist any data between runs. You start Picard, load some files you want to organize and save them.

I’m a bit unsure what exactly you want to do. What exactly is your goal of using Picard?


What I would like is a database where I have an overview of my CD collection.
I can put it in an Excel file, but I find that too limited, so I started looking for software (preferably free). As I have about a thousand CDs, I’m also looking for software that can fill in a large part of the data for me, which saves me a lot of work.

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Picard is not the right tool then, I’m sorry. Picard is a tagging tool only. It can help you organize your digital music, but it is not a database to manage your physical collection.

But actually you might want to look into collections on MusicBrainz. You can create your personal collections there and add releases to it. See Collections - MusicBrainz

Others here might have some suggestions on other tools for your use case. Maybe create a topic here specifically for discussing such tools. The MB community has a lot of people being very enthusiastic about their music collection.


Thanks for the replies I will start looking at the option you suggested but also further search for software for my CD collection.