Cannot open the forum website (Firefox)


This started to happen a while back on a secondary pc of mine after upgrading to Firefox Quantum.
I wasn’t sure there was a relation, but I also didn’t mind much, because on my main pc there was no problem (still using a pre-Quantum FF version)

But I now upgraded my main PC to FF Quantum, and the same is happening.
After clearing the browser cache I can connect again, but a next time I will get this error message again:

I couldn’t find other reports on this, but I can hardly imagine I am the only one experiencing this?


Using FireFox Quantum 57.0.4 (64-bit) here under Windows 7 and have never experienced the problem you describe. Perhaps there’s an add-in or script that’s not working quite right?


Thanks for replying rdswift.

I suspected that too, but I have no scripts active, and disabling the two addons I use (Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin) didn’t solve it.


Another user had the same problem as you with the two exact same plugins!
Maybe having those plugins even temporarily, makes Discourse crash, having to clear cache.


That made me investigate it a bit more.
Even while I deactivated both for the website, the problem occurred. Only after completely disabling Privacy Badger globally I could access the site again.
So Privacy Badger is the culprit. I have send them an error report about it.