Cannot move subfolders in Picard

What am I doing wrong?

I have a bunch of albums that have a subfolder called .info. I have checked that “move additional files” is enabled and I have added this line according to the docs:

".info", "", "*.info.rar"

However Picard does not move .info folders.

Is it because of the dot at the beginning? Is there any way to escape it?

Please advise.

Also tried to use spaces instead of comma as a delimiter. Still doesn’t work:

".info" "" "*.info.rar"

I think I solved this by using spaces as delimiter and not using double quotes.

This seems to work:

* .info

It moves all files, including subfolders called .info.

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In case anyone is interested in this, it is not advisable to include all files (using the asterisk), because, if you have a redundant track in your folder, that track will also be moved to the destination folder.

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