Cannot load cover art from CoverArtArchive

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Hi !

I seem to be having some problem with the loading of cover art. The cover art appears in the Release in browser but when clicking the TAGGER option and opening it in MusicBrainz Picard, the cover art fails to load.

Here’s what the log menu says.

W: 16:50:49 Not enough data, skipping Image from of type front

Any help would be appreciated.


Same issue here since the past week.


Just to clarify the problem:
Is it just that single image that is giving problems or is it more widespread?


I can reproduce it reliably with any release. But it seems the error message has changed in the meantime.

E: 18:21:16 Invalid JSON:
E: 18:21:17 Invalid JSON:
E: 18:21:18 Invalid JSON:


Is this still an issue? If so: @Bitmap, do you have any insights?


Frankly Cover Art Archive seems very hit-or-miss as far as reliability is concerned. At this moment, the front page of MB has this:

When I look at my open edits, I can see the cover art I uploaded last night, but the cover art I uploaded three days ago can’t be displayed.