Cannot identify a piece of classical music, e.g. via 'Submit Acoustic IDs'

I would like to identify a piece of classical music length 1:46 [min:sec] which has no tags. The Musicbrainz Picard program isn’t able to identify it, and keeps the button for ‘Submit Acoustic IDs’ greyed out, even after I apply ‘Generate AcousticID Fingerprints’, or even after restarting the program again and repeating all options. I am new to the program perhaps I overlooked something? I would appreciate some advice on this. Thanks, A.B.

Hi, the “Submit AcoustIDs” button is intended for the case where you have already identified a track and want to submit its fingerprint to the database so that others can identify it based on the fingerprint in the future.

To look up a file you have that you don’t already know, you should select the file in the left-hand pane of Picard and select the “Scan” icon at the top. If this is successful, the track will be moved to the right panel and you will be shown the metadata it found. If it’s not succesful, the track will stay on the left side and a message will be displayed in the bottom right corner. In this case, the database does not yet contain the fingerprint for the file and cannot help you.


You understood correctly the “Scan” feature results “No matching tracks for file”, thus the Picard program isn’t able to identify the little sampler piece of classical music I have. Therefore I assumed that submitting an acoustic ID fingerprint would change that. Thanks for your answer, that saved me from wasting any more time on that, A.B.

Submitting the AcoustID can fix this. But it requires you to first load the appropriate release into Picard and match your file to it. Then Picard can submit that pair of acoustic fingerprint and the matched recording ID to the AcoustID server and future scans will give this result.

That means you have to identify the matching release and recording somehow else. Maybe by metadata using Picard’s lookup function or by manual search.

See the documentation for various options on how to load releases into Picard: