Cannot Drag & Drop Files and/or Folders 2.1.2

i cannot drag drop file or folder when update to 2.1.2, before 2.1 work no problem,
this is a bug, or just me?

(newbie question)

Are you running it under the Admin user context? If you run the installer and it asks for admin credentials, then it offers to run the program for you at the end of the install, Picard will be running as the Admin user and your file explorer will be running as your normal user. You can’t drag and drop between user contexts. Quit Picard, and run it from the start menu and it should work.

Unless, of course, it’s a completely different problem.


yes, i’m running as admin, still cannot

Please do not run Picard as admin, this is causing your issue.


nice, thx sir, it worked

That’s what I was saying. Only I was more wordy and unclear. :smile: