Can we have more artist group subtypes for classical

So currently under artist type group there is ‘Orchestra’ and ‘Choir’, has thought been given to classical type groups that do not fall into either of these categories (and remain simply as Group) such as ‘Quartet’, ‘Quintet’. I think this would be useful although such subtypes would have to be well defined so that a particular artist was clearly of only one type.


Originally, I wanted to add a much longer list of types, including things like “String Quartet” and “Piano Trio” (as well as “Men’s Choir”, etc) - but it was decided that at least for now a simpler list was probably better. I’m open to adding more if people think we should have them after having had Choir and Orchestra for a while :slight_smile:

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Having “ensemble” would be nice. I think that would cover smaller classical groups like trios, quartets etc, without getting in the way of choirs and orchestras.


I like that. I’d be wary of using trio, quartet, quintet, and such only because inevitably some group that was a quartet could become a quintet or whatever. And the exact number doesn’t seem like the most important info.


In terms of Classical music I would assume that categories such as Quartet are rigorously adhered to , and if the members were to form a Quintet then their name would change and they would be a new group, so I don’t forsee a problem within the Classical domain, also the name is well understood. When i say Quartet I clearly mean the Classical meaning, (might need to be under a Classical grouping) not just four people in a band, but the numerical aspect is quite useful since it works well as a hierarchy in that a group should only be able to fall in to one classification not multiple ones.

Whereas I have never of the term Men’s Choir, I assume thats the same as a Male Voice Choir but this demonstrates an issue with trying to extend it to much, and I think only a hierarchical list would be useful. Outside of traditional/classical music in the modern world things are so fluid that it may be a mistake to extend to popular music

Well “Quartet” as such isn’t particularly useful - that’d include a string quartet and a saxophone quartet and a piano quartet for example, which have little in common other than happening to be four people. String Quartet and the like could be useful though.

It’s generally not about the number but the composition - a string trio and a piano trio are very different types of ensembles even if they both have three people, but most piano trios will be piano, violin, cello and could be classified together.

I’m not fully convinced about “ensemble” because… well, what’s the big difference from “group”? It just means “a bunch of people” really :slight_smile:

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