Can the Spotify integration also import full history?

Hi! New user here.

I’ve used Spotify for the past years and am now trying to migrate away from it. The thing I care about is my listening history and recommendations and I’d love to be able to get all that into Listenbrainz.

I see there is a hard limit of 50 recent listens in this file, which is understandable as I can imagine this is quite an expensive operation.

Is there a way to import more/all from Spotify?

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welcome to the forums, Stranger~

I believe there’s currently plans to import the Spotify extended history, but as far as I can tell, that hasn’t been added yet

that said, I believe there’s also external tools in development for importing the extended history, but I haven’t found one that’s simple enough for me to understand. currently I think they’re both Python/command line tools, but if you wanna give it a shot, there’s one here (not tested myself, so proceed with caution)

personally, I’m prolly waiting until ListenBrainz adds imports directly


I’d recommend Scotty as I’ve had better luck with it.

You will be required to download your Spotify extended streaming history from your Spotify account page:

Scotty transfers your listens/scrobbles and favorite tracks between various music listen tracking and streaming services.

Available at:


Haha, is there anything that the amazing MeB contributors haven’t improved!? Scotty looks like it’s a project by MusicBrainz Picard dev @outsidecontext.

I have seen you reference it in chat @outsidecontext, but I didn’t realise it was this fleshed out. I know it says it’s still in progress and there’s no docs, but it looks like it might be ready to add to the LB adding data page? Since it’s already getting recommended as the tool of choice for some tasks.

edit: I can’t quite remember, but was @kellnerd working on something similar as well?


I remember seeing something in one of the weekly meeting notes about that, but nothing more

I wanted to test the extended Spotify import a bit more to avoid duplicates if importing over an existing ListenBrainz history.

But for the use case of @Stranger1188 it actually should be fine indeed. Both reading the Spotify history file and general ListenBrainz import are working well.

Indeed, but not sure if it does support Spotify yet: GitHub - kellnerd/listenbrainz-ts: Deno library and CLI to access the ListenBrainz API

And @Bitmap has GitHub - mwiencek/lastfm-listenbrainz-sync: Scripts to sync scrobbles to ListenBrainz , which aims at cleaning up and syncing listen history. Again as I understood he wants to add Spotify, but not sure anything already exists.

We have multiple tools now, but each has a bit different approach and intention.


The current public version (0.6.3) of elbisaur does not support Spotify Extended Streaming History, but it is already implemented in my local beta version.
I haven’t published it yet because Spotify’s timestamps and what it claims to be skipped tracks are sometimes unreliable and I wanted to add a few more checks to the parser logic (and compare the results) first.
This will hopefully result in less manual filtering of bad listens (than I had to do using my beta version), so I definitely want to improve this before doing a v0.7 release.


Thank you! This looks great. I’ve requested my extended history from Spotify. It could take up to 30 days so I’ll have to be patient.

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Thanks for the details! I have left the tools out of the ListenBrainz page for now, but have added all three to: External Resources - MusicBrainz Wiki

With ‘(beta)’ where appropriate. Hope that’s okay! They all look very useful already…