Can the ListenBrainz db be updated to the latest MusicBrainz db?

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As you can see here my listening data doesn’t check out with any MusicBrainz recordings. One of my listens is this recording but it doesn’t link from LinkedBrainz to a MusicBrainz recording although it exists here

On page 3 of my listening page “Surprisingly O.K. Variations on This Shit” is the first most recent recording that links correctly :smiley:


Hi! Did you import these listens from A lot of tracks won’t be associated with an MBID (and as such with a MusicBrainz recording) and the project that is supposed to help with this matching on our side isn’t quite ready yet. So if that’s the case, then it would make sense that a lot of recordings are unmatched.

As one of the “artists” on that “art work”, bless your ears.


Currently, the only way to get working links is using a client written specifically for listenbrainz that submits MBIDs contained within your files. An example of this can be seen on my listening history.

Unfortunately, my client is for a windows only music player (foobar2000).


Do you have mbid tagged in your files?


I have no idea what you mean by “IE9 lock”. It’s simply a minimum requirement and any version of Windows from Vista onwards supports it. I’m supporting a 10 year old OS and everything since. LOL indeed.


There are probably a couple more of these around (IIRC there was one for VLC? Or did that not work?) but there definitely need to be more! :slight_smile:


I was being specific about my client being the only one I know of able to submit MBIDs contained within files. That’s the only way you can get clickable links on your user listening page that takes you to the relevant artist/recording pages on It can only do this because it was written from the ground up to use the native listenbrainz API.

Any other workarounds such as tricking scrobblers to submit to listenbrainz cannot do this.

edit: I’m not sure if VLC was ever made to work. I know spotify works but obviously you’re at the mercy of whatever basic metadata spotify use, not your own.


Go to and you will see that I listened to Surprisingly O.K. Variations on This Shit" again just as part of a ‘demo’ so it will show up on my main listenbrainz page so I can make the point below:

The song “Surprisingly O.K. Variations on This Shit” song links to but the artist info does not link anywhere.

I didn’t use a specialized client software to make the song “Surprisingly O.K. Variations on This Shit” link correctly to an MBID. Was your importer software hardcoded to add this song? Did your importer recognize a certain format added to or was your import script hardcoded for this? Sorry but I have no logical explanation of why after the import from lastfm your import script made a Listen clickable while the artist of that listen was not.

Learning this information could help me import listens so that all the links link to the correct MBIDs. If it was hardcoded for demo purposes though I believe that hardcoding even more stuff is not worth anybody’s time. Sorry for assuming stuff