Can someone who has experience with classical help me with an edit?

i see “classical” and my brain leaves my body, but i recently acquired the ability to add pretty high quality scans, and i noticed one “various artists” classical cd i have doesn’t have an entry in MB. very exciting for scanning reasons, very scary for classical reasons, haha

can somebody help me out and perhaps add the release if you have time? here is a link to the release on their website

i love editing, i just dont want to mess it up because this feels so out of my wheelhouse. i would be forever grateful for anyones help

a very dramatic post, i know, lol

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done. Music for the Moon

no performers could be sourced and track 9 work could not be identified properly, not unlikely to be 春江花月夜.


thank you so much!!! the booklet might have info about the performers so i will look and try to add if i find them!!

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