Can Picard rename file with BPM?!

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Hello fellas, new here…

I searched for in the forum, but wasn’t able to answer my doubt.
I’m a DJ and is REALLY usefull have the BPM in the from of my file names… I’m wondering how or if Picard can rename my files with the BPM… inside Picard options and in the Scription documentation I didn’t find out how… and I’m not god at all understanding scripting…

Can someone help me with this?
Thx in advance!

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MusicBrainz doesn’t store BPM information, so Picard doesn’t tag BPM out of the box. There is a BPM Analyser plug-in that you can download through the Options under Plug-ins. You can also ‘protect’ existing tags with BPM information by adding them to the list of protected tags under Options > Tags.

You’ll have to add the new BPM tag to your file naming script to have it end up in your file names.


Another option to get BPM data is using the AcousticBrainz Tonal-Rhythm plugin.