Can Picard be used to organize music not in MusicBrainz database?

I am a relative newbie to MusicBrainz and have a pretty naive question about it’s use. I’ve been using MusicBrainz Picard to organize my music collection to fix tags and create a consistent naming and folder structure. A lot of my collection consists of bootleg recordings which do not appear in MusicBrainz database. I’ve manually tagged most of these files, however the folder structure doesn’t match what I’ve been using Picard to set up with releases that can be matched to the MusicBrainz database. My question is - can I use Picard to restructure the folder paths and rename the file names for music that doesn’t appear in the MusicBrainz database? I’d like to use Picard to apply the same naming to my bootleg recordings but not sure if that’s actually possible.


Hit save on your files/folders, after they have been ‘clustered’ but have not been matched to anything yet (e.g. they are in the left panel, in Picard). This will apply move/rename settings from your Picard options, based off the file tags.

Try it with a backup of the files and see how it goes! If your tags are okay it should work well :crossed_fingers: