Can not find add album to edit ripped flac files?

Mac OS 10.11.6 MusicBrainz 2.1.3

I watched the video and but I am having difficulties using the app. Just finishing ripping over 400 cd’s using a ripping service and I am trying to repair tags and art on a few of the CD’s that have no album art or tags I do not like.

None of these scanned albums are close to what I need to fix the CD ripped file.

So I can not get an album loaded to edit or work with.

The CD is shown: Ballet Favourites (1988, CD) - Discogs

So I was able to copy the Album Art from that site but since I do not have a valid album loaded I can not insert as an Album Cover or edit tags.

The CD album is found here: Ballet Favourites (1988, CD) - Discogs.

I can nt figure out how to get an album into the Title Window.

None of MusicBrainz suggestions are even close.

Help would be appreciated. Thank you,

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I also couldn’t find this album in MusicBrainz database. You can help and add missing releases, see How to Add a Release - MusicBrainz

You can also edit tags and add cover art to files not matched to MusicBrainz data. In your screenshot you have clustered the files, and you can e.g. select the cluster and drag and drop a image file onto the cover art box.


If the album exists on Discogs, the easiest way to import it to MusicBrainz is to use the Discogs Importer userscript from GitHub - murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts: Collection of userscripts for MusicBrainz, by various authors

BTW, I imported the album for you, check the history: Release “Ballet Favourites” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz

Now, see if you can associate the discid and AcoustIDs, you can read about those on:


Sorry I am so dense here. I reloaded the CD and did a cluster and scan. It does not find any thing close to the CD. I see that the CD was added to MusicBrainz but it still is not showing up in my scan. This CD has 16 tracks.

Thank you

It appears that the importer that @Zas used combined all of the separate tracks into single tracks for each group. The importer that I tried was going to do the same, so I entered it manually for you. You should be able to load it as Ballet Favourites (16 separate tracks).


Do a Cluster and a LookUp. Then it will look for the tracks using your tags.

As the release is new, it will not have AcoustIDs yet. Once you are tagged, then you can Generate Fingerprints and Submit AcoustIDs.

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Btw: Scan ignores your current tags and looks for actual audio ‘fingerprints’, which can be on a lot of different releases. It’s more of a last resort, for me anyway.

(this isn’t well signposted in Picard)

But it is discussed in the documentation under recommended workflows. The only workflow that uses “scan” is the last resort workflow (last on the list at number 4).

This is so frustrating.

I am trying to fix an a obscure CD and this app is really frustrating me.

Found a similar version in German, tracks do not match, I want to load the new album cover and keep the same original same 7 tracks. It will not work, plus when I save the file to another folder it wipes out the original on the shared drive.

How do I do this?

If you are just wanting to change an album image, use something like mp3tag.

Picard is not at all made to work with ‘similar versions where the tracks do not match’. Essentially with Picard/MB you want to find database items that match your version 1:1. And if they’re not there, ideally you would add them. This way we crowdsource the work - the hours spent fixing your collection helps the next person using Picard :tada:

Re. wiping the original you should be working with a backup of your files, with any new software!! You can’t undo tag changes, ahhhh!
But it would be useful to be able to ‘Save Copy’ without doing that, there’s a ticket/request for this function here (hasn’t been implemented yet).