Can Not Add Cluster As Release

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I recently changed browsers and can’t add an album anymore. It tried to use MS Edge but I disabled that so I will see the Edge browser popup then go away. I am using Opera now. Any helpers? I am at a loss right now.

Is Opera set as the main/primary browser for your system? If you click a link in a program outside of your browser, which browser opens?

What version of Picard are you using?

I set it up right. Opera was set as default. I managed to accidentally fix it by right clicking the add cluster as release. It needed a kick start
I work in IT and knew it was the program. Thanks though.

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Very strange. I’m glad you managed to get it working. Would have loved to know what the issue was though. :confused:

One thing to note is you should launch a web browser and login to musicbrainz before you use the plugin.
If you have not logged in you get a login screen, after you have logged in the release information is gone.
If you are logged in the add release screen will show up seeded with information from your tags.


Yea me too… lol I wish I knew what the issue was.

Yea I think that was the issue. It fixed itself. Thanks though.

(just a try, I don’t know if I understood your problem, exactly)

I don’t use Opera any more but before using Vivaldi I was on Opera v12 presto engine I had to middle‐click the green TAGGER tag‐like links to load the release in Picard.