Can I set up a local server with only a subset of the database?

My wife has a huge collection of Tango music, and wants a databse to track it all. I think the Musicbrainz database is what she needs, but:

  • The entire Musicbrainz database has an awful lot of data she doesn’t want to see in searches. Is it possible to have a local server that caches linked data and otherwise only contains data locally created? Alternatively, is there a good way to limit search results by collections?

  • How difficult is it to add extra local information connecting releases to local file locations to link to recordings?

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Or maybe I’ve been reading this all wrong. Is replication of a local copy two-way at all?

No, you only get the replication packets for your local installed copy of MB server.
You never send back any information.

It is possible, yes. But not as easy as you may think :innocent:

It depends on your skills about database programming, SQL queries and such things.

Please have a look here:

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Indeed, replication is one-way mirroring only as MusicBrainz is a centralized database for now.

For a personal database of your own music only, see beets.

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