Can I hide non-matched songs in albums?

When I am tagging a lot of songs at once, and checking for duplicates, and other things, every time I expand an album, and there are 1 or 2 matched tracks and a billion unmatched tracks, after several albums, it just makes the list unwieldy and makes it feel like so much more work. I have extensively searched for this in the options, online, as well as looking in the ini file, and I haven’t had any luck. Basically, I want it to match to albums, but I only want to see the titles of the songs that actually match when I expand the albums. I understand the use of having the other songs visible, like if you have one of those songs but it didn’t get matched, but I wish it were a toggle, or there was something else I could do to make it easier on me. Thank you in advance for any help or advice.


There is currently no such option.

I’m unsure about such an option. If we add this it should be easily discoverable and indicated in some way when it is enabled. Otherwise tracks not being displayed can be very confusing and users should not get stuck in this situation.

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