Can I create works for films?

Is it possible to create works for films, so they can be linked to books that are based on them? I think this would be especially useful for official novelizations, comic adaptations or books that expand upon a film’s plot.

You can link any work to the IMDB via the identifier list. You also can add screenplays to the database and link them to the book (work) via the “Based on” relationship.
But I’m not quite sure how we handle unpublished screenplays. I would only add screenplays that have been published for the moment.


I would say no, because this is BookBrainz, not Film&TVBrainz. I think it would be great to have a TV and Film MetaBrains DB, as the DBs that exist are very lacking, and culture is all connected: a film is based on an film, a soundtrack was written for a film, a film includes a music recording… etc. It would be good to connect all of these, but we can’t fake it and add films as books, that would be bogus data in a book DB and would defeat its purpose.

However, if a screenplay has been published (if it exists as a written work), it can be added here, as @indy133 said. But that’s not the same thing, if a film DB existed you would then connect the screenplay work to the film work.