Can I automate moving a subfolder (ie. "/Artwork") when moving and creating my new album folders?

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I have a lot of albums that have an accompanying folder called “Artwork” or “covers” or “scans”. Is there a way to get Picard to move these folders for me when moving the album folders to a new location? It’s really tedious to do it manually.

Yes, there is an option to move additional files, see File Naming Options — MusicBrainz Picard v2.6.3 documentation

Enter the folder names you want move separated by spaces, e.g. “Artwork covers scans”


I didn’t know that worked with folders. Folders aren’t files. I have a huge list of file types that get moved (virtually every file that could possibly be in a folder) but it doesn’t explicitly say anywhere (that I found) that you can move folders. It never crossed my mind, because they aren’t files.

I’ll try, but I guess I’m skeptical.

Thanks a lot for your time, regardless. Really. Thanks.

We’re in the process of adding that information to the Picard User Guide.


Hey @rdswift, that’s good to know.

However, it doesn’t seem to work for me. This is my list of additional files to move:

*.jpg *.png *.log *.m3u *.cue *.nfo *.sfv *.m3u8 *.pls *.vlc *.pun *.txt *.bmp *.db *.jpeg *.gif *.htm *.zip *.rar *.accurip *.doc *.JPG Artwork artwork scans covers Covers Scans

And the folders aren’t being moved. For that matter, neither are *zips in many cases.

Did I do something wrong?

I don’t know, but I created a subdirectory (called “test”) with a cover image in an album directory with the audio files for the album, and added “test” (without the quotes) to my list of files to move. When I processed the album, the test subdirectory (along with its contents) was moved to the new release directory.

Don’t take this the wrong way but I have to ask… You do have the “Move additional files” option checked, right? Are there any spaces in the subdirectory names? (I’m not sure but spaces might cause them to not be matched properly.)

Also, when you say it doesn’t work, are all the audio files for the album in the same directory, and are they all being moved to the new directory? Are the only things remaining in the original directory the files and subdirectories that you believe should be moved? Can you provide a partial list of the file and directory structure that isn’t working, something like:

Music/To Process/my album/song one.mp3
Music/To Process/my album/song two.mp3
Music/To Process/my album/cover.jpg
Music/To Process/my album/
Music/To Process/my album/Artwork/Artist.jpg
Music/To Process/my album/Artwork/Album Cover (Front).jpg
Music/To Process/my album/Artwork/Album Cover (Back).jpg

Finally, the list is not case sensitive, so you don’t need both “Artwork” and “artwork” for example.

Well. I don’t know what happened, but it looks like I’ve wasted your time and caused concern for naught. I tested it twice and everything worked fine. Didn’t change my settings. All files and folders moved appropriately.

Sorry about that. It’s probably confusion over which files and folders were not moved on my first round of processing, before I had those inclusions set up properly. Also, as a side note, I noticed that images named image.jpg were being moved but files named image.JPG didn’t seem to be moved, which is why I added both, despite the documentation stating otherwise. No harm in leaving it that way, just in case.

Thanks for your tireless efforts.

In other words… my bad.


No problem. I’m pretty sure that sort of thing has happened to most of us from time to time. I know I’ve been there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That sounds like a possible bug that we’ll have to check out. Thanks for mentioning it.

EDIT: I had a quick look through the code and it appears that Picard is doing a case-insensitive comparison, so I’m not sure what could be causing the issue for you.

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Everything is a file. :slight_smile:

(Most of the developers of MusicBrainz and related are using Linux, macOS, or other Unix variants, so the distinction between file and folder isn’t something that’s on our mind a lot of the time. Sucks that Windows has to be different. :confused:)