Can a complex MediaMonkey file naming mask be converted to Picard?

Hello, new here. Last October I switched from Win XP to Linux. Yes, Oct 2020, XP - it was getting pretty non-functional by then. I used MediaMonkey Gold for a number of years and had developed a file naming mask that named my files just the way I like them. Then MediaMonkey stopped working on my XP and my library grew less and less tidy. At present, it’s about 50% in good shape and 50% GOK (god only knows).

I’m now trying to choose Linux native alternatives to my former Windows tools/players. From what I’ve seen, it looks like Picard might be able to handle the complex file naming that I’d used in MediaMonkey although I expect the mask will need some tweaking. But before I invest a lot of time in this effort, I thought I’d ask if there are any other former (or even current, not everyone despises Win 8 and beyond) MediaMonkey users that have been able to convert their complex file naming masks for Picard.

Unfortunately when my XP MediaMonkey committed suicide I lost my ability to reference my most current defined mask. But, just so you can have some idea of what I’m calling complex, here is a copy of the mask from my working notes:

L:\Music\$First(<Genre>)\$If($Left(<Album Artist>,7)=Various,<Album>\,$If($Right(<Album Artist>,4)=Cast,<Album>,$If(<Custom 4>,<Artist>,<Album Artist>$If(<Disc#>,\<Year>., -)$If(<Custom 1>,<Custom 1>.,) <Album>))\)$If(<Custom 3>,,$If(<Custom 2>,<Custom 2>,,)<Track#:2>. )<Title>$If($Left(<Album Artist>,7)=Various, - <Artist>,)

There are at least 4 Custom tags involved, which may not translate directly to Picard…

So, can Picard take on MediaMonkey for file naming? Or am just going to make myself [more] crazy?


Without going through your script in detail, I’m confident that Picard can be made to do what you need. I suggest that you have a look at the Scripting section of the Picard User Guide, especially the Scripting Functions and Tags & Variables sections. There’s also a simple File Naming Script Tutorial that you might find useful.

There are many examples of file naming scripts out there, including the one that I use for my collection. You can also get a lot of good ideas and suggestions from the thread:

Finally, if you have any specific questions while developing your script, just ask and I’m sure someone will be able to help.


Thank you! It’s good to have confirmation and your links. Time to do some work!

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