Calling up MusicBrainz from within Mp3tag

Hello, I use Mp3tag to tag most of my mp3’s but sometimes I need a little help. So what I am trying to do is from within Mp3tag call up MusicBrainz Picard by using the right click Tools menu.

Tools - Options - Tools - MusicBrainz Picard

What happens is if I select more than one file it opens multiple instances of MusicBrainz Picard. Instead of 1 instance of the program opening up with multiple files listed inside it opens 1 instance for every file.

I am not sure what to use for the Parameter: I have tired-

/add “%_filename_ext%”
I also tried -
–one-instance “%_path%”
/select, “%_path%”
-s, --stand-alone-instance
but these don’t work either.

I asked over in the support forum on Mp3tag and they suggest I try here.

Does anyone know what Parameter I would use to call up only 1 instance of MusicBrainz Picard with multiple files listed?

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Isn’t Mp3tag supposed to be able to use MusicBrainz data directly?


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Yes it does as a tag source. You can look up 1 song at a time. Or 1 album at a time. But if you have an album of various artists each song has its own info and cover art.

I know for MusicBee, you have to specify "<URLs>" plural. not too familiar with Mp3tag myself tho…

in the upcoming version of Picard, (in alpha testing at the moment), it will open only one instance natively, unless specified


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You don’t want the various artist compilation info, you want the info from the original release of each tracks?