"Café Del Mar" or "Café del Mar"?


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This seems to be a stylistic grey area. There are apparently multiple examples of both, but no clear indication of what’s correct. Guess Case apparently normalizes it to “Café Del Mar” but this seems wrong, since “del” is a preposition.

For the record I’m referring to non-Spanish contexts, as we all know the correct answer there would be “Café del mar.”


Should be Café del Mar, I think. Here’s the logo:



Café del Mar is one of the longest running compilation series in history, as well as the most recognizable name in chill-out music.

Since the release of Café del Mar Volume 1 in 1994, more than 70 compilations have been produced selling over 12 million units worldwide, making Café del Mar one of the bestselling compilation series of all time.

Source: http://www.cafedelmarmusic.com/#about

Most (if not all) of the covers for https://musicbrainz.org/label/0792d4ab-ac48-4e8b-884c-ec356d0ca928 shows “Café del Mar”.

Actually, we only have 4 releases with “Café Del Mar”:


Whats about this artist:

Should be Café del Mar too, right?

Would it be helpful to point to Various Artists (or the series https://musicbrainz.org/series/be930628-5b24-4bb3-85a6-6bbcf688e932) instead of the above artist?


There’s a separate discussion thread for that issue. This thread is just about the capitalization of the name.


“Café del Mar” is the name of a bar in Ibiza that also happens to release these music compilations:

My vote is to name all releases from this series with “Café del Mar” as part of the title since that is how the logo has it, it is a proper noun and “del” is a preposition in both Spanish and Catalan, so it should be Ok to have it in lowercase.