Cache releases and delta updates

I have 1200 releases on my phone.

It’s very unpractical to retag everything when I transcode my library for the thousandth time, because Picard will fetch all the releases once again.

At the same time, it’s extremely expensive, bandwidth-wise, and it’s very time-consuming to load every release. I actually use four Picard windows simultaneously to save the tags on my files and load them in small batches because Picard is not optimized to tag 10k files at once.

Reusing the tags on my files is not a good option either because I use a script to add MBIDs to the artist and release names in order to disambiguate them. Running the script again will screw the tags. I don’t selectively pick the new transcodes, that’s unpractical and time consuming.

As in the title, I’d like Picard to keep a local database and only download the info that has changed, if any.

I know it’s a big task, but I’d love to have such a cool feature. It’d also be cheaper for the servers. I think. I’m no expert.

My advice is to try to find a transcoder that preserves tags.


Mine does. But it doesn’t solve the problem, for the reasons stated above. It’s more viable for me to tag from scratch, even if it’s time consuming.