C# libraries for accessing the web service


I’m c# developer and want to use some library for rest-api :slight_smile:
What are libraries are ready?

Web API-Implementation design

Sorry, qart2003, what do you mean? Are you interested in using or making this web API for BookBrainz?



  1. I used library for api of https://www.themoviedb.org/ for show info about films
  2. I want to show info about songs
    I’m ready to use any normal library
    if not exists then I’m ready to create it
    also I can create api not only library around it
    But I think that it’s present

Sorry, english is not my native language therefore you will do some more work for understand me


Ah, this thread is talking about the web API for accessing data about books - if you want information about songs, check out the existing MB web service - http://musicbrainz.org/doc/Development/XML_Web_Service/Version_2.


I made a new topic for this.


I’m in the process of implemented C# versions (not just bindings) for libdiscid (mostly complete, just no Solaris or OSX support), libcoverart (complete, except no proxy handling yet) and libmusicbrainz (just started). They can be found at http://github.com/zastai/MusicBrainz.
Once BB has an API I’ll probably make a library for that as well.


At one point in time, this was made:

I’m not sure how relevant it is today though. Latest commit is 6 years old, so any features added to MB in the last 6 years are definitely not present. Seems like it wasn’t moved to Git(Hub) with our other code, but it might still be something to base an updated/new version on.