Broken links in “String information” panel

I assume this is already known, in the “String information” panel links to “Source string location” and especially “Translation file” often lead to a 404.

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For “Source string location”, the link is working for the Server component (and some parts of Statistics) since its source messages are extracted from code, but it cannot work for other components whose source messages are extracted from the database (with prefix DB).

As for “Translation file” I‘m not too sure how our settings can play a role here, I suspect a bug in Weblate, to be investigated in any case.

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It was my own error with settings for the MusicBrainz project. I fixed it, and the “Translation file” links are mostly fixed but the line number is still not set appropriately (issue reported to weblate).

Edit: It cannot be fixed for the Server component otherwise the “Source string location” link gets broken.


For this issue, I opened the following ticket for how to address it but it will require replacing the currently generic code in the message extraction script with specific code for each translation component.