Breaking news! MeB comms form for breaking news

If you spot something fun or interesting to share, don’t be shy, fill in our comms form:
MetaBrainz Comms Form

Then a MeB comms person will have a look, and spread the joy via any appropriate MeB channels.

I’ve been working with @rob and Rassami on getting MeB comms (communications) a bit more organised. Part of this is a comms form. This is a form that you can fill out very quickly if needed, and then I, or another designated comms person, will take care of getting the word out.

This is an attempt at getting more consistent about letting everyone know about the cool stuff that we’re doing, across, by now, quite a lot of communication channels.

This was initially meant for devs, but let’s make it open! There’s lots of interesting little tidbits happening here all the time. Something small might make for a good tweet (something funny happened in an edit), or something big might call for a press release (100mil edits!)

Note: If the form gets wrecked by spam, the above link may be exchanged for something more robust - let’s roll the dice and see how it goes!