BPM Analyzer does not show BPM value after run?


I have installed and activated “BPM Analyzer”. Before that I installed (on Linux) Aubio incl. Python package.

But after saving the files I can’t find any value for BPM in the tags. In the forum and net I have also found nothing about it :frowning:

Can someone enlighten me?

with best

That plugin run manually via context menu, Plugins

However, behaves strangely. I select all trecks of an album → Plugins → Calculate BPM…

I see in the status that the BPM is calculated. When I click on the track again (directly after the calculation) to see the value, the field says: “different over 14 elements”. Although only one track is selected.

As soon as this value is once in the tag and I load the album back into it, it shows me a red “star” at the lived disk icon. No matter how many times I save it, it is no longer a perfect match.

If I clear the “BPM” field again and save, the album is marked as “perfect” again when I load it.

More than strange.

What does it show for the tags in the lower list? Does it indicate any changes?

After I created the BPM for a track → saved and reloaded:


when you reload and save the alnum it removes the value for BPM again.

Do you have “Clean existing tags” enabled in options? If so this would do this, as it removes all tags from a file that are no explicitly set by Picard.

Disable this option or add “bpm” to the preserved tags.

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Thank you. That was the reason.