Books with dynamic content update

Hi, what are standards for books with dynamic content update and do you have any standards for them? For example, textbooks of Pressbooks. Every book in this directory have “Publication date” on its page (For instance, LibroLibre), but I think it’s the date of first publication only. And many books in this category have updates always, so content are changed, restructured and added constantly. Of course, there are books, that are not supported anymore, and it should not be a problem. Or books like “Open Music Theory”, that are updated only once at some period.


I don’t think this has been discussed before, but also there isn’t much we can do with dynamic content currently.

In theory, each version should be an edition, and if the content changed significantly (not just small corrections or adjustments), it can also be a new work. But often if the works are “dynamic” there’s really no clear information about what changed and where.


OK, thank you for the answer

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