Bookmarklet/Userscript to guess Unicode punctuation of titles

It is possible, but I am neither sure whether HYPHEN is correct for this non-standard date format nor whether it is worth the effort to have an additonal rule for them :man_shrugging:

[/(?<=\W|^)\d{1,2}-\d{1,2}-\d{4}(?=\W|$)/g, (potentialDMY) => {
	const potentialYMD = potentialDMY.split('-').reverse().join('-');
	if (Number.isNaN(Date.parse(potentialYMD))) return potentialDMY; // skip invalid date strings
	return potentialDMY.replaceAll('-', '‐');

You would have to insert the above code behind the other rule to convert ISO 8691 dates in the transformationRules array of the userscript.

But after reading the comments on this ticket I am no longer sure whether I should touch dates at all or just keep the HYPHEN-MINUS for those…