Bookmarklet/userscript: Full-size cover art from, soundcloud, itunes and more

If you need a tool to ease [U]grabbing hi-res album art from various sites[/U], you might like my new creation that can be used either as a [I]userscript[/I] or as a [I]bookmarklet[/I]/[I]favelet[/I] in your desktop browser.

[I][URL=“”][B]Stig’s Art Grabr[/B][/URL][/I] is a script that will help you fetch big size album art from various sites like [B][/B] (1080px wide cover art), [B][/B] (User uploads, various sizes), [B][/B] (various sizes - Tip: Use [I][/I], [I][/I] or [I][/I] to search in iTunes’ catalog. Grabr has direct support for these sites, so you don’t have to follow links to itunes to grab the images), [B][/B] (User uploads, various sizes. Also works with artist photos, not only album covers), [B][/B] (User/artist uploads, various sizes) and [B][/B] (1200px wide cover art). And some other sites are also supported…

[B][I][U][URL=“”]Install Stig’s Art Grabr from Greasy Fork[/URL][/U][/I][/B]. Can be installed either as a [I]userscript [/I](requires a browser-addon like Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey or similar), or as an [I]bookmarklet/favelet[/I].

Stig’s Art Grabr replaces [URL=“”]my old bookmarklet[/URL].


Maybe you could have a look at @ebz777 inspired user script itunes_FULL-SIZE-COVER-IMAGE-DOWNLOAD-LINK (with @thwalter thought in mind)…
It is not limiting nor up scaling images to 1200 pixels.


Thanks a lot for the tip @jesus2099. I will look into it.

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Note that sometimes the 1200px iTunes images will be upscaled from 500px or 600px versions, so sometimes a 600px image from iTunes is better than its 1200px counterpart.

My links, in terms of resolution, will display the genuine size, even very small and often bigger than 1200. Not a rounded number.
But i am still not sure about the reworked status or not, I am currently wondering whether I should remove another part of the URL, cf. same links.

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Thanks again for the tip. I have now updated the script’s itunes support to fetch the genuine size. @jesus2099, I took the liberty of copying your itunes regexp directly into my code (with credit). It was pure plug&play. I hope it’s okay.

I also updated the support for itunes search-engines, and You can get the genuine sized covers directly from these sites without following links to itunes first.


You’re welcome, no problem. :slight_smile:


Btw, did some experiments regarding the BB and -100 “postfixes”. As far as I can see you get considerable better quality with -100 added. Much less compression artifacts. Cannot see BB doing any difference.

I compared these (not links/embedded because I’m a new user who cannot do that in this forum):

from the album

Physical dimensions are all the same (1400x1400), but with -100 you get a 1.13MB jpg, without you get a 385KB. When looking at these in 100% or 200% scale, it’s very easy to see the difference in compression quality when looking at the area around the three claws.


Thanks very much @StigNygaard!
So without -100, images have indeed more artefacts, I can keep it too, then. :slight_smile:
I think you will already have understood that my 99999999x99999999 is just an arbitrary big dimension and that I have not found another way to not up limit the dimensions. :slight_smile:

If I post here will anyone see it or do I need a new thread?

I’m looking for an import cover art script and unfortunately it seems neither of the two mentioned here are working. Does anyone have an existing script or method for doing this quickly?

Anyone see it

Yes, apparently :slight_smile:

When you say “import”, do you mean download to your personal PC? If so, I would think my userscript on Greasy Fork still mainly works. However I seldom use it myself for the moment, so there might be some of the sites it is supposed to work on, which currently doesn’t work.
Any particularly sites you are looking for support for?

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This script works well on many sites:

Currently problems with Discogs due to daft website changes there, but generally works well. Don’t know how it works on the sites you name, but worth a check.


I’m currently using atisket to load the iTunes art, downloading it, and then re-uploading it, which is like 7 or 8 clicks per cover at least, not to mention staring at the screen for 1-3 seconds waiting for it to load at different times.

By import I mean a script that (likely) caches the image locally and automatically creates an edit with the downloaded (then uploaded file). I would take anything that reduces the time/clicks to the process of having an image available online (on a different site) and creating an edit with the image on MB.

Art Grabr doesn’t support exporting to MusicBrainz or any other site. The scope of script is just to find big sizes of cover art for easy download.

But I just tested download from iTunes / Apple Music, and it should work. It will however give you the image in webp-format if that was the format shown in the browser. Simply replacing file-extension of found webp file with jpg instead seems to give you a similar jpg image (for now). I think will update script soon to automatically give you an jpg instead of webp. I have been suggested that before.

Also notice, that I need to update description on GreasyFork for Firefox users. Mozilla has (default) disabled the possibility to add items to “native” browser context-menu from frontend/userscripts. So on Firefox you need to initiate script from Monkey-icon dropdown menu (Similar to like you do on Chrome).
(There is a hidden setting on Firefox’s about:config page which can bring the script-actions back to the context-menu. I will update description on GreasyFork soon with that info too).