Bookmarklet/userscript: Full-size cover art from, soundcloud, itunes and more

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If you need a tool to ease [U]grabbing hi-res album art from various sites[/U], you might like my new creation that can be used either as a [I]userscript[/I] or as a [I]bookmarklet[/I]/[I]favelet[/I] in your desktop browser.

[I][URL=“”][B]Stig’s Art Grabr[/B][/URL][/I] is a script that will help you fetch big size album art from various sites like [B][/B] (1080px wide cover art), [B][/B] (User uploads, various sizes), [B][/B] (various sizes - Tip: Use [I][/I], [I][/I] or [I][/I] to search in iTunes’ catalog. Grabr has direct support for these sites, so you don’t have to follow links to itunes to grab the images), [B][/B] (User uploads, various sizes. Also works with artist photos, not only album covers), [B][/B] (User/artist uploads, various sizes) and [B][/B] (1200px wide cover art). And some other sites are also supported…

[B][I][U][URL=“”]Install Stig’s Art Grabr from Greasy Fork[/URL][/U][/I][/B]. Can be installed either as a [I]userscript [/I](requires a browser-addon like Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey or similar), or as an [I]bookmarklet/favelet[/I].

Stig’s Art Grabr replaces [URL=“”]my old bookmarklet[/URL].


Maybe you could have a look at @ebz777 inspired user script itunes_FULL-SIZE-COVER-IMAGE-DOWNLOAD-LINK (with @thwalter thought in mind)…
It is not limiting nor up scaling images to 1200 pixels.


Thanks a lot for the tip @jesus2099. I will look into it.


Note that sometimes the 1200px iTunes images will be upscaled from 500px or 600px versions, so sometimes a 600px image from iTunes is better than its 1200px counterpart.


My links, in terms of resolution, will display the genuine size, even very small and often bigger than 1200. Not a rounded number.
But i am still not sure about the reworked status or not, I am currently wondering whether I should remove another part of the URL, cf. same links.


Thanks again for the tip. I have now updated the script’s itunes support to fetch the genuine size. @jesus2099, I took the liberty of copying your itunes regexp directly into my code (with credit). It was pure plug&play. I hope it’s okay.

I also updated the support for itunes search-engines, and You can get the genuine sized covers directly from these sites without following links to itunes first.


You’re welcome, no problem. :slight_smile:


Btw, did some experiments regarding the BB and -100 “postfixes”. As far as I can see you get considerable better quality with -100 added. Much less compression artifacts. Cannot see BB doing any difference.

I compared these (not links/embedded because I’m a new user who cannot do that in this forum):

from the album

Physical dimensions are all the same (1400x1400), but with -100 you get a 1.13MB jpg, without you get a 385KB. When looking at these in 100% or 200% scale, it’s very easy to see the difference in compression quality when looking at the area around the three claws.


Thanks very much @StigNygaard!
So without -100, images have indeed more artefacts, I can keep it too, then. :slight_smile:
I think you will already have understood that my 99999999x99999999 is just an arbitrary big dimension and that I have not found another way to not up limit the dimensions. :slight_smile: