Booklet Cover Art

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What is the preferred method for cropping booklets? I have been scanning and uploading the data for releases in my personal collection that don’t have data in the CAA. When I do the actual front cover and the back plus spine I crop to the edge since these images are for display when listening to the music. My real question is should the booklets be cropped to just the information to ease reading on a screen for editing relationships and to save data storage cost or keep original size even though there is no information in the borders? I haven’t been able to find this discussed anywhere yet. example below.


I don’t crop booklet scans.
Whenever I scan a release, I try to retain as much of the image as possible. There might be some minute difference between different pressings of a release, so it’s always a good idea to preserve everything, even if you think it’s useless.


Makes since to me. I’ll upload the complete images.