BookBrainz documentation week!

Hi everyone!
This week the MetaBrainz team is doing a Documentation Marathon!

To quote this announcement post:

That means that we’re trying to dedicate the week to documenting as much undocumented or badly documented stuff as possible

As you might have noticed, the documentation for BookBrainz is very, very sparse.

For user-facing documentation, we have a simple help page on the website and a stub of a user guide

For developers, we have some local setup information on the Github repository as well as a stub of developer docs.

Since I’m likely to be working on the BookBrainz part of it by myself and that hasn’t yielded great results so far, I would very much appreciate the help of the wider community, in whatever for that may be:

If you have time to contribute to documenting any aspect of BookBrainz, whether about the usage of the website, different entities and relationships, or style guidelines, please do not hesitate to send in in any format that works best for you.
If you only have time or energy to write down questions or list items that need to be documented, that would also help a lot.

If you have been contributing to the codebase and you have questions that you haven’t seen an answer to, or found the answer to yourself, please post them here and we will try to answer and compile them into the developer docs.

Thank you all in advance for your help !


Just wanted to say that I <3 the Entities table and diagram on the Help page!

I’m a muppet so I didn’t look in the top bar for that at first - could it be linked to from the ‘About’ page as well?