Blu-ray - Chapter with no music/label

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I added a Blu-ray of a live concert and the first chapter on the video is of the opening title crawl and procession with no actual music. It also is not one of the listed tracks in the Blu-ray booklet. Should this be accounted for in the track listing on the release or just omit that first chapter?

The release in question: Right now the untitled track is just listed as [untitled].

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Yes, it should be accounted for. Give it a title of “[opening credits]” or something. The brackets indicate it is not an official title. But since the chapter exists on the medium, it should be included.


Where are the guidelines for adding DVDs?

I ripped my first DVD for adding this week, but that was a little confusing as to how to make it fit both MB and Picard.

DVD is kind of same as LP or cassettes but you set each recording as video.
Picard? Do you mean ripping and tagging ripped files?
There is no ripping guidelines. :slight_smile:

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@jesus2099 I am looking for the guidelines and\or a bit of clarity as to how to fill in MusicBrainz for the extras. Partly also as I remember you asking a question along these lines.

An example: I have a deluxe release with a bonus DVD.

The paperwork says nothing about the DVD contents. No track list.

When popped into the DVD player to watch it has a menu of three items: an Interview Video and then two Music Videos.

When I rip this disc with MakeMKV it hold two Videos. First is the 20mins interview with four chapter marks in it. Second are the Music Videos in a single 7min track, split at 4mins with a chapter mark to show the start of the second piece of music.

That seems like “Three Tracks” to list in the MB release: a 20mins interview, a 4mins music video, and a 3mins music video.

Just because the Interview has chapters in it, I assume I don’t need to mention those.

I can understand how the concert in the OP’s question needs slicing at chapter marks, that will list the different music tracks. They are more important than sections within a documentary.

But if it was a full concert video without any chapter marks, I assume it is listed as a single track called “live concert”.

Does that seem like a sensible understanding of the guidlines? Even though I have never seen them written down. I have tried searching for them, but nothing found.

Where Picard came into the conversation is that it will now list three videos are part of that release… but I only have two files to tie up to it as Picard is not aware of Chapter Marks yet. Lets ignore the Picard bit for now…


Yes I would make it three tracks, titled either as they appear in the menu or at the start of video(as they don’t appear on package).

I don’t think there is great priority like package > menu > knowledge/guess. Or yes there is but the result must be useful and ya know (you see I would be really bad at writing those guidelines).

If the interview chapters are named (on screen), I could also add more tracks. But it might not be too worthy as it is not the musical part of the DVD.


I am guessing that there is no documentation on this. Which would explain why I can’t find it and no can point to it. :smiley:

Good to see a bit of common sense always works. Hopefully this post will help other people searching now.