Blocking columns' max width

Is there a way to block the width of certain columns?
More often than not when I’m looking for releases there are some that are linked to several countries and the column ends up being too wide and doesn’t let us see the rest of the info until we manually shorten it.

For example in Picard configured to Use builtin search rather than looking in browser search for the album “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” there is an entry that has a lot of countries linked to the release which makes the country column very wide. so an option to lock the columns to certain width would be useful, if there isn’t one already which I’m totally missing.

Thank you.


Oh well, the excessive country lists strike again :frowning: No, currently this cannot be changed in Picard. But I guess these search views should:

  1. Persist the column widths instead of resetting it on every search (like we do it with other columns as well)
  2. Actually have a max width for columns. These extremely wide columns make no sense at all, especially as making it smaller just works fine and let’s the text wrap.

I added a ticket: