Black Metal or Baroque? The Quiz

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I was fixing some Purcell earlier and got amused by some of the titles, so I present to you: Black Metal or Baroque? Try to guess (without checking MB!) whether each title is of a baroque piece by Purcell or a black metal song.

(Apparently this can only be answered 25 times on a free plan, so just in case don’t try to re-do the quiz to avoid wasting answers :wink: )


8 out of 12! Not sure if that rates good or bad.

The similarities are not that surprising though, we all knew Mozart* is a rock idol:

* Yes I know Mozart is a little later than baroque, shht.

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That’s the best so far :wink:

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4 out of 12, worse than the average monkey :slight_smile:


I got 7/12 (but with one misclick). :wink:

Same – but without mislick :innocent:

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Funny thing though!

I am not a connoisseur but I like baroque very much for its melancholic themes.

I never noticed the similarity of titles because I only know French titles for baroque.

Those metal English titles always sounded over-the-top to me, but in fact it’s then the same in baroque?!
It sounds good in French, not over-the-top.

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Bummer, I only got 6 out of 12! The similarities were indeed very close. :sunglasses:


9/12. This is great!

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:metal: 10/12 :metal:

edit: did you make this? amazing!

edit edit: was going to share but 25 views, oh well

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