"Big" names in "big" (music) genres


I also believe Genres are a very personal consideration. I can’t see auto tagging “Genres” beyond a very broad based categorization.

For example, I grew up listening to the end of the big band era, Classical, then “Jazz”, Pop, Country, which transitioned to Rockabilly, then Rock, (thank you Elvis), Folk which included Bob Dylan, PP&M, etc… I created my own “Protest” Genre for some of these, and so forth into the current music styles.

I would think most of us will always change some Genres to fit our very personal interpretations. I doubt any software will become clairvoyant to our feelings nor would I want it to choose for me.

Sorry about the digression.


…my point was more that when musicians like these, with a rock background, went on to release country records, it removed some of the stigma of C&W as backwards music for backwards folk. Van Morrison, Neil Young, Bob Dylan - they’ve all released pure country albums, without that making them country musicians.

Bonus mouth harp:


For the record, my original Garth Brooks comment was meant as nothing more than a lighthearted joke, it was by no means my intention to start a heated debate about the worth of country music.

For those even a little bit interested, I wholeheartedly recommend watching the animated mini series “Tales from the Tour Bus” by Beavis & Butthead creator Mike Judge. It’s a beautiful love letter to the genre and it’s big, BIG personalities: https://youtu.be/V_iYWKev1x8