Better distinguish threads between projects

It’s nice to see BookBrainz’ surge in users (or at least more threads about the project), but I and quite a few others keep clicking on BookBrainz threads thinking they are about MusicBrainz and sometimes even reply or start writing a reply that’s obviously not very relevant. I guess having the subforum name under the thread title isn’t clear enough for first glance.

Would it be possible to distinguish threads from different subforums visually, like with a different background colour for the thread title and the floating header bar in the thread itself?

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There is the categories view:

Maybe that helps?

I know, but I do like having everything in one overview. is very convenient as a starting page.

Like you I have no interest in Bookbrainz, ListenBrainz and stuff like that. And this forum lets you hide those items. Go to your forum PREFERENCES by clicking on your icon top right.

Then add the categories you are not interested in to the MUTED list

If you want to read them, just go to the categories list at the top of the page and click on them. (Or logout and read them)