Best Genre plugin / option (in 2021)

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I’m looking to clean my library (again). As of today (may 2021), what is the best option in your opinion for genre tagging?

I’ve tried Musicbrainz (now integrated option), Lastfm plugin and Wikidata plugin with somewhat mixed results.

I don’t like having 5 genres for a song/album. I prefer having 1 genre per artist and/or album.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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You could try this:

And set ‘maximum number of genres’ to 1.
(I would set it a bit higher myself though, a lot of music can not be described / catched under one genre)

I myself find the genres retrieved from Lastfm to be pretty much useless.


Yeah, I’ve seen your post. You went through a lot of testing! (thanks by the way, to posting your results on the web).

I kind of came to the same conclusion, but was not sure. So, I’ll use MBP genres (and won’t rely on any plugin), put 2 genres max, and update it with MusicBee afterward if not satisfied with it. I was using too.

1 - I’ve manually input “;” (semi columns) as separator for genres (like I do for artist) even though it is not an option. Is this a good practice?

2 - I saw that “folksonomy tag” isn’t checked in your options. Is this because it give too much "users input’ result, which are sometimes an unusual genre?

Thanks for your input

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I have nothing manually set for that and it works great with MusicBee.
But for mp3 I use id3v2.4. If you use id3v2.3 it might be different.

It’s mainly because I get the results that I want by setting ‘minimal genre usage’ at 0%.
If you then also enable folksonomy tags you get a lot of crap.
You could experiment with the percentage setting to see if you can get acceptable results also using folksonomy tags.

1 - All good, I’ll leave it blank. Also, I use id3v2.4.
2 - Does it give you good results using 0% ? Not my understanding of the theory.
Minimal genre usage

Choose how popular the genre must be before it is written by Picard. Default: 90%. Lowering the value here will lead to more, but possibly less relevant, genres in your files.

EDIT: I’ve made a test for an album using folksonomy. Genre was “Alternative and Punk”. Definitely not a thing I want in my library so I’ll leave folksonomy unticked.

It’s not only unusual genres, it can plainly contain things that are no genre at all. If someone has tagged a release with “needs fix” or an artist with “seen live” that’s not something you want in your genres. You can partially filter this out with the black list, but you’ll constantly need to extend this.

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I’ve read a little more about it and realized it (what you stated). Some people use this tag to manage their music library (e.g. needed, requested, owned,…). Totally stuff I wouldn’t need on my collection!

Thanks for the additional info :slight_smile:

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I find genres to be a complete nightmare and terribly subjective. What one person may call Jazz another may call Country or Folk. How many are there. It seems someone invents a new genre all the time especially in the dance music scene. I do use the wikidata plugin but I have made my own genres in the form of directories on my drive. It’s what makes sense to me. It kind of works as moods for me also. What mood am I in, what do I fancy listening to.

Let me show you an example. This is my top level directory. More than one genre for me with my wide eclectic taste in music.

I then have Artists and Albums inside each one.

I can appreciate from a different perspective that the tags are of more importance if your searching by genre on a device but it’s not something I would search by so don’t worry so much. It’s always Artist, Album or even Track I use. It wouldn’t be that difficult to come up with you own criteria for genre’s and manually type them in the tag. Have as few or as many as you wish and they would be accurate as to how ‘you feel’ about an album.

Thanks for your input. But I don’t think I’ll go that route :slight_smile: