Benefit of having artist names with non-latin characters?

Alternative tracklists will come in mid-May.

For the other three, feel free to document it in some better way …


No one would type “Чайко́вский composed his first symphony” when you could see “Tchaikovsky composed…”

Never say “no one would…”.

See annotation to Спортивный марш.

I would happily take originally-German track titles in the original, even though my primary language is English…

Yep. I can easily read names/titles written in Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts, but I can hardly read Armenian and Hebrew names, and can’t read Japanese titles. So, I do not want all names are translated to English; also I do not want all names are translated to Russian. I want only names I can’t read are translated. Thus, “localization” is a quite complicated task.

The current situation forms another obstacle to ease of use of the encyclopedia.

Where this issue is on the prioritized list of “things to address to improve ease of use of the encyclopedia” I don’t know.

In our MB user we have a list of Languages.

For localisation, MB could, if the user wants localisation (I would not), replace names in language not in this list by the user native (or highest available level) language alias or by the MB chosen language (website’s language drop down menu).