Beginners: Wishes for scripts or other solutions in Picard - can anyone help?

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I’m quite new to Picard, having problems with scripting the programm.

Is there anybody who can help me to find solutions which I describe below?
(I posted this as an reply of another thread, but I think as an unique thread it is better…)

  1. If there are uppercase letters in the filename how I make a correct spelling?
  2. The same I’m asking for the tags itself?
  3. How can I delete “feat.”, “featuring” and put for this an “&” in the name of the tag?
  4. If there are more than two artists, how I can say to Picard that every artist will be seperated through a “,” but the last one will seperated through a “&”?
  5. How can I prevent “various artists” for being used automatically? (I hate it, it is absolutely redundant.)
  6. How can I prevent the genre tag for being set automatically?
  7. Also I’m missing an option to change folder names if this are wrong, but using instead of “:” a " - ", because my NAS don’t accept this “:”

Many thanks in advance and best regards