Beginer/Newbie Question - Can it do?

I did try to read the Help, looked through the documentations, and more… but without downloading and playing I am not sure if I can…

Add/Import files/folders into my Music library?
I know it can arrange/tag/correct the existing library, but…

I have several portable drives full (100 Gig worth) of additional music I want to merge/add with my main (300 gig) library…

Can I “import” stuff and have Picard put it neatly where it belongs, or should I just cut-n-past the entire drive into my existing music folder and let Picard sort it out the hard way?

(PS… I used to use (don’t hit me) ‘Fixtunes’ years ago, and it was a shadow of what Picard is, but it let me know what was possible…)

In Picard you can go to Options > File Naming and then tick ‘Move files when saving’.

There’s some other fields in there that you might want to look at, here’s a screenshot:

In short, yes Picard can do it, but you’ll probably want to mess with some settings to move all the file types you want and to name the folders correctly/match your naming conventions (this will involve scripts if you have a preference).
But please be careful and start slow - searching 300gb’s of music for 100gb that’s been incorrectly merged in all at once would be a real headache :sob:

Well, I :kissing_heart: Picard and MB, so I reckon just run it all through Picard anyway, but maybe it would be best to make a new Music folder, run your 100gb of new music through Picard and into there (instead of your old folder).
If you like the results, do the other 300gb into that folder as well.
And if you can’t be bothered/you don’t think it was worth it, just copy the 100gb into your existing music folder instead.

Looks similar to Fixtunes, but not sure how the “import” would be done, normally I look for a source folder and a destination, or an “Add to Library” option, or something that lets me point at the folder I want to bring in to the “destination directory”…

The file name options are MUCH more complicated than fixtunes, I was used to just “%album%” and “%artist%” and then trackNo,Songtytle, and few others…no contiionals

You can add music/libraries by browsing for a folder or file (although I wouldn’t do everything at once), or you can simply drag and drop folders/files into Picard.

The conditional in my example is for various artists. It puts the artist name in front of the track title if track artists differ.
The defaults (in my screenshot) should be what you’re looking for already by the sounds of it (Artist \ Album \ Track No Track Title)