Before I try Picard, a couple of questions?

In a recent review I’d heard that some MP3 files were randomly truncated when running Picard, has this been fixed?

I have a choice of Windows 7 or Ubuntu 16.04 based computers, which is best for Picard?

Thanks, Trevor.

That’s odd because I’ve used Picard under Windows 7 to tag over 15,000 MP3 files and never had a problem. I hadn’t heard about that issue before, so I don’t know if anything was done to address it specifically.

I’ve never tried it on my Linux system, so I can’t help you there. It’s been doing a fine job for me under Windows 7. I’m currently using version 1.4.1 of Picard, but I see that it’s not the latest. Looks like it’s update time. :wink:

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Of the people I know who are involved in this project, not one would knowingly ship a product that randomly destroys audio files.

I can’t find a ticket describing this behavior.

Could you please link to the review?


I believe it will work fine in both environments. @rdswift has reported Windows 7 as being fine, I can report Ubuntu 16.04 as being fine. Note that I have installed it from source code, so I don’t know if the official Flatpack package is fine. Ubuntu also ships an older version (1.3.x) in its official repositories, I don’t know which bugs were fixed since then.

I cannot find the review I was referring to, it said something like “70 files out of 15,000 were damaged” but rechecking there are similar comments at CNET. This is a rainy day project, I have a 32GB SD card that needs Picard’s help. I’ll check back if I have any problems.

Everyone, thank you for your replies.

There is a webpage out there that describes how to get the latest version of Picard under Ubuntu 16.04. The Windows 7 laptop is my wife’s and it’s kinda slow, the Ubuntu PC is mine and it’s where the MP3s are presently stored, therefore I think I’ll try the Linux version.

Those reviews on CNET are creepy. @reosarevok looks like you’re in one of them :rofl: Not sure if CNET bundled something into the installers at that time, but downloading the executable from that page matches the official one in bytes. I don’t think I’ve heard about anyone losing data by using Picard. I personally can’t remember having any serious problems with it.

I vaguely remember mention of it on the old forums, but nothing in a looong time (years). Can’t remember if it was a Picard error or something else.
In any case I would run Picard on a copy of your files anyway - never hurts and then you can go crazy with it :wink:

CNET are crap: