Beethoven Sonata 18 merged recordings by Kempff

The above recording of Sonata 18, first movement by Kempff has two distinct timings. I have access to recordings with each timing. Comparing them in Audacity shows that they are not really the same recording, even though they probably came from the same master tapes. (It’s possible they are different takes). In the shorter of the recordings, a repeat has been omitted that accounts for the vastly different times. It also appears that the tempi are slightly different between the two recordings. How do I fix this?

I realize that I may need to create a new release with the different recordings and then edit the recording for the releases with the different timing. Is there anything else I should know before I do this?

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If you have a different release with the shorter playing time, you can of course create it. This would make it easier, because a new recording would be created on the spot (otherwise, if you change to a new recording from an existing release, it needs to be applied first).

You could then submit a fingerprint for the new recording. There is already a disabled acoustID which may belong to this version: track “dfba8763-8be1-472d-8ac9-359b534a68a2” (it might be associated to the new recording afterwards)
If you compare your fingerprint to one from a 8:30 version, you will notice the different timings and you will also see other small differences: Compare fingerprints #57142799 and #48060279 | AcoustID

May need to delay the fingerprint tasks as the AcoustID server is having a little rest… no adds and deletes possible at the moment. Likely to be resolved in a few days.

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Thanks for the replies. I managed to find a version of the release that had a different recording time, so I added the relationships to it and then changed the recording in the other releases that had the incorrect recording. I was n the process of submitting the new release when what I needed showed up as a potential duplicate (which it was!). Now just waiting for the edits to apply.

I couldn’t find it initially for some reason. I often find the MB search results to be mysterious. :grin:

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