BBC Old Grey Whistle Test / BBC Studio Pres B Relationship Choice

I’m keen on filling out as much information about live performances as possible, as I feel its a slightly neglected part but kinda interesting/important.

For the uninitiated, The Old Grey Whistle Test was a live music program produced by the BBC between 1971-1988 with a focus on music acts that weren’t “pop” (as they would be for the more popular Top of the Tops program).

All episodes (to my knowledge, and what I have researched) were filmed in BBC Studio Pres B ( which is part of the BBC Television Centre in London.

The show has a bit of a cult following (similar to John Peel), and recordings from that program have been released in audio or video form on releases over the years to which those recordings are in MusicBrainz.

To try and gather them together I have been adding a relationship to the aforementioned studio (see Performances tab), using the “Shot at” relationship type - however after doing a few dozen I have come to realise that this might not be suitable for the audio only recordings - to which I ask, what relationship type should I change these to?

We have two possible relationship types:
recorded at (again as far as I am aware, the recordings are taken from the show, thus from the studio where the performance is happening)
produced at (all recordings were produced by the BBC, but i think this might be more suitable for if a record producer produced it at a specific recording studio?)

Happy to hear your thoughts


I also document lots of old BBC recordings, so I understand your aims. :slight_smile:

I would use “Recorded At” as these are being recorded. You mentioned John Peel, so look at something like Maida Vale Studio 4 and you’ll find plenty being linked up.

As a Pink Floyd nut I’ve been working through a lot of the 1960s recordings to better place them. And as I tend to come from the audio angle first I always start with the “Recorded At” relationships. I agree with your thought that “Produced at” is a slightly different technical issue.

To me a Band Records, and a Producer Produces. I tend to be more interested in the Band.

Example TV studio is BBC Lime Grove. Here you’ll see a few Look of the Week and Omnibus shows.