BBC Music Magazine scans?

The CDs that come with BBC Music Magazine have performance information split between a small foldout or booklet packaged with the medium, and a few pages in the magazine. I have scans of both, but to date I’ve only uploaded the booklet scans. I wouldn’t mind uploading these scans, but I don’t know if that would be appropriate or cause copyright problems. It’s inconvenient for a release like this, where only the magazine article lists the singers and instrumentalists that performed on the recordings. Many times, the article also contains important information on the works performed, composer, librettist, etc.


I suspect it’d be ok to scan specifically the bits which are effectively liner notes, if you’re not uploading the entire magazine or anything. If they have a problem with it, they’ll request a takedown to the Internet Archive and we can know not to do it again :slight_smile:


I have added the pages for the release I linked above. I’ll add to other releases in the future. There are cases where one page had a half-page ad. Sometimes I removed them, but not always. I could cut those out before upload (at the expense of some image quality).


I wouldn’t bother with removing ads myself. I doubt anyone is going to complain about the authenticity and I also doubt the company is going to complain about their ad being in more places. But I don’t care much either way :slight_smile:

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Upload 'em! :heart_eyes:

I have uploaded a number of them already, including this one where I had cut something out of the last page, and this one that has an ad for the Jefferson in Paris soundtrack. :slight_smile:

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